Saturday, 9 April 2011

Reflection of my Journey

Sometimes I just wonder whether I should give up out this journey of freedom. There are so many good investors around like MW, CW, AK, LP, momo etc....and I am so far from them both in term of captial as well as knowledge.  Sometime really wonder, is their level really attainable given my lousy annual pay as well as many room for improvements financial literacy?

There are many ocassions which I wanted to give up but I did not give up. I could sell all shares I got and give up investing then just depend on earn income be those typical 月光族.

However, giving up mean you surrender before the enemy comes and finish you off, sign of coward and lousiness.

I am in education line and I told my students not to give up. If I give up, it means I never did what I peach. I must push on and never give up despite whatever doubts and difficulty I have. Jia you! GOOD LUCK to OT83!


Musicwhiz said...

Hi OT83,

Don't feel discouraged. To quote you an example of my case, I started with out a very meagre salary as well and had a tuition loan to pay off for my University Bachelor education. It took me about 3 years to pay it off, after which I went on to do an MBA and paid the entire fees myself from savings. Hence, I also started out at about 28 years of age with very limited capital even though I had 2 degrees. My job at the time was not paying much more as compared to my compatriots, and it was my savings habit that allowed me to build up enough capital to continue injecting it into equities. Likewise, my girlfriend/wife was also frugal and did not spend on luxury bags/clothers/shoes and we never ever owned a car in these 12 years.

Capital takes time to build up and you need a lot of patience and discipline. Please don't give up now because I feel that since you are aware of investing and personal finance it would be a waste for you to give up your efforts. Perservere and push on and after 5 years you can start to see the fruits of your labour.

As for investing education, I've got a slight advantage due to my accounting background; and also because my MBA and work experience helped me to assess businesses and strategic decisions better. But honestly, when it comes to investing, you do need to read the right books and have the right temperament; and that's more than half the battle won. You can educate yourself in basic accounting (necessary) and read books on how to invest properly (and not speculate). If you like you can email me at for suggestions on some good books to start you off.

Good luck!


OT83 said...

Hi MW,

The process is indeed very tough and it really make me wonder sometimes the effort is worth it. Looking back from the time when i grad in 2008, with zero knowledge in finance, and only brought ILP from so call financial adviser. It is a big regret today based on my current investing knowledge. But i guess that it is a process that people need to go through - move on from noob, to less noob, to savy to excellent. Currently, I am maybe in the stage of less noob, striving to go to savy.

Thank you very much for your encouragement. I will strive on.

Thank you! :)


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