Saturday, 9 April 2011

Means to increase capital

Currently my saving to gross bring home pay margin per month is around 55%. This mean that I spend little and save a lot. However, my income is not high, thus no matter how high I increase this margin, the absolute savings is quite little according to my expectation.

To increase captial, I am thinking to enhance my income through taking more jobs and finding a higher paying job.

Perhaps I could take up tuition again which I stopped since undergrad year? But this means that I will have less time for my love one as well as time for me to read more books to enhance my knowledge. Is it worth it?

I could also get a master degree to enhance my market value but this means that I need to spend part of my saving for this purpose. Is a master degree really usefull in today's market? I heard that the ROI from spending time, effort and money for a master degree is not useful sometimes.


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