Thursday, 14 April 2011

My Typical Expenses per week on food and transport.

Monday to Friday: Breakfast
  • Loaf bread ($2) bought over weekend or biscuit ($2) or $1 zhu chang fen or don't eat. So average <$1 per day. Overestimate. $5.
  • Lunch ($2 to $3) - Average $2.50 per day. Per week $12.50
  • Dinner (eat at home) - parent sponsor or instant noodle with egg and some vege. But I got give them monthly allowance.
  • Transport to work. $1.70 per journey. Total $3.40 per day.  $17 per week
Sat and Sun
  • More luxurious. Go NTUC bought food to cook over weekend, typically $25 per visit.Sometime less or more.
Total Spending - $5 + $12.50 + $17 + $25 = $59.50

Per month = $59.50 * 4 = $238.

I seem like no life and quite high my spending per month , anyway to reduce further?

(Disclaimer: The above exclude ad-hoc expenses like meeting friends or go out which occur quite rarely for me given that everyone is so busy nowaday.)


la papillion said...

Hi OT,

Find out your total expenses paid using cash on a per month basis (dun count housing if you paid all using cpf)...include things like:

1) insurance
2) estimate transport expenses
3) food
4) income tax
5) entertainment
6) parent's allowance
7) haircut
8) phone bills
9) clothes/shoes/toiletries
10) lessons/course fees
11) donation/gifts
12) overseas trip, divided by 12 to give monthly

Total up all these and let us know how much you spend on a per month basis. if it's less than 2k, I think there's really nothing more you can cut. You should aim to increase your pay then.

I always think that there is only so much you can reduce your expenses. Instead of finding ways to reduce the already low expenses you already had, why not find ways to increase your earnings?

OT83 said...

Hi LP,

Actually I have a cashflow excel sheet that count my monthly expenses. Generally is around 1k. So it is under your 2k.

I think increase income will be more practical and I am in the process of doing so. But its tough.

Always very amazed that you can save 50k per year. Perhaps this is because of my low income.

Singapore Man Of Leisure said...

Hello OT,

LP's blog is like s watering hole for all civil bloggers. It's fun to exchange ideas and I love the way the "old birds" poke fun at each other in LP's cbox.

You are a saver like me! Just to share that there's a fine line between being thrifty and being miserly. (I've crossed-over in the past)


OT83 said...

Hi Man of Leisure,

Thrifty and being miserly is really a fine line. Sometimes I tend to cross over, but will try to pull back. Ultimately, you only live young once.

I have read your blog. Hopefully one day I can be man of leisure too :)

la papillion said...

Hi OT,

Then don't spend your energy cutting expenses...nothing much you can cut already I suppose. Think of ways to earn income. I work everyday of the week...hence my income is higher because I exchanged time with money. Nothing to be proud of.

You can do find ways to increase your income too!


haha, my cbox is like a tavern for tired investors/traders...nothing is really taboo there :) If there is, I can always 'yellow card' or 'red card' them :) haha

Drizzt said...

that is seriously cheap


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