Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Financial Freedom vs Life

Life is not only about money, financial freedom. What exactly is life about? It has different definition for everyone.

Although financial freedom is good, but one should never neglect your closed one, especially your love one during the process.

Living below the means + saving + investing -> old traditional way of getting rich is effective. However, when you need to spend, please do spend. Like going for holidays or eat at some restaurant with your love ones etc.

We are only young once, even though you may become very rich through the above process when you are maybe 40+ or 50+, but what if that time you or your love one are sick, cannot move or something or worst, your love one are gone? Will you regret that you never spend more time, or treasure your time more with them when you we were young? Will you regret spending your time to learn more about investing, try out investing, do FA, do TA etc instead of spending time with them?

I do not know about your answer. But I will.

It is important, although hard to strive a balance, but must try! Good luck to me and you!


Musicwhiz said...

The idea of FF is always enticing, but the reality is few of us can be FF by the age of 40. I guess we have to accept what reality has for us and make the best of our lives.

Build up enough cash to feel secure, yet be able to enjoy the little things like trips, good food etc. Also, don't neglect relationships along the way, they are part and parcel of life and will not only make you a better investor, but a better person as well. For me, I always advocate being humble and helpful because as human beings, we never know enough and we can always be wrong.

Hope to hear more of your thoughts as you continue blogging.

OT83 said...

Hi MW,

Thanks for the comment.


la papillion said...

Hi OT,

Needs sustain life, but it's the wants that colours our life :)

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