Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Vacation Leave - 3 dec to 17 dec

Dear readers,

I be going overseas for splurging trip :)

Any recommended, must visit place in Taiwan?

See you in few weeks time.


AK71 said...

Hi OT,

Wow! 2 whole weeks on holiday in Taiwan! That is extravagant! Enjoy! :)

Must go to Taichung and spend a day at the hot springs. It is like soaking in SKII. ;)

Singapore Man Of Leisure said...

Have fun OT!

You may want to ask Cory in cbox since he is working there - got local knowledge.

I am more a Taipei guy - must go to the Shi Ling night market! It's the old pasar malam we used to have and there's a big "hawker centre".

I simply love the food and the games there.

If you wife OK with it, ask around to see the "Bing Lang" xi shi on the highways. My female colleagues taught me a trick. Ask for the coke at the bottom of the shelf. When the girl bends down...

Again, ask permission from wife first! LOL!

OT83 said...

Hi AK,

Two weeks very long and my pocket pain. But then should be worth it :)


Thanks for the tips. I will sure try. I thinking to go to the "ye dian" too. Heard got very hot stuffs there.

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