Friday, 25 November 2011

Running out of juice

It been a week since I last posted.

Been running of ideas on what to write for my blog. Does all bloggers have the same difficulty of running out of stuffs to write?

Dear readers, do you have any suggestions on what topics I can write for my blog?

By the way, I broke my "kiam Sapness" over so many years. The past two phones which I bought are $0 and $48 respectively and I always choose the cheapest plan available. I also refuse to get 3G plans because I don't want to end up like other people in MRT where everyone is frantically poking their phones every single second.  

Sadly, I went over to the dark side yesterday.

I had bought a new phone LG Optimus 2X at the cost of $88 and change my current plan of Ioneplus to 3G flexi Lite. My bill will increase by around $11 per month after this! I will be further from my financial goals by $11 per month!

However, I should also thank Standard Chartered Bank for sponsoring $80 for my phone. Thanks!


AK71 said...

"Poking" their phones... sounds wrong.

Do you mean "tapping"? ;p

I recently recontracted, got an iPhone4S and sold it for a nice gain. :-D

Musicwhiz said...

Hmm so far I never encountered writer's block for long - in fact there are too many topics and ideas for me to blog about such that sometimes I don't have time to put all my thoughts on paper.

If I add in all my company analyses and portfolio review, then there's more than enough for a lot of posts!

OT83 said...

Hi Ak,

Poking is good. It will stir up the emotion of the readers instead of a simple "tapping". It works doesn't it? It make you comment on "poking" haha.

Hi MW,

Your blog posts are simply amazing. I couldn't write as well as you and analyses the companies as detailed as you. Maybe that's why you never run out of idea but I run out.

Need your guidance :)

Singapore Man Of Leisure said...


You using your Jedi mind trick on "or yi or"? Tsk tsk. Wait "or yi or" don't play with you next time, then you know! Ha ha!

My trick is to have a "rojak" blog from day 1t. This way I not restricted to finance topics. Play a few songs, write some stories, pretend can write some poetry. Hee Hee.

I also noticed other bloggers use another tactic. They create multiple blogs. So still can write about anything under the sun!? And link all the blogs together :)

I won't be surprised if "or yi or" create another food blog and move his nasir lemak and curry puffs posts there!

Dividends Warrior said...

Hi OT,

That's a nice phone!

As u said, u finally move over to the "dark side". As a shareholder of Singtel, Starhub and M1, I thank you for your patronage. ^^

OT83 said...


What is "or yi or"? Pls pardon my noobness. Nowadays I also diverted from finance stuffs. Think sooner or later will become rojak.

Hi Dividend warrior,

My pleasure :) Stimulating the economy using SCB money is my pleasure.

Haha, I also wish to be a shareholder of the telcoms. Hopefully I will have a chance soon. Singtel 3 bucks le!! 20 cents more to go.

Singapore Man Of Leisure said...


Oops! The cry of the gorrila or tarzan? LOL!


I like your style! Next time people use the services or products of the companies I own, I will do what you do! Say thanks!

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