Saturday, 10 September 2011

Snowskin Mooncake!!

Been sharing on my financial journey throughout my blogging journey, I decided to share something else. Hope my reader dont throw rotten eggs at me!

I bought most of my ingredients from redman. 

This is the 2nd receipt which I tried yesterday.
White lotus paste (just buy the ready made) 
130g kao fen
160 icing sugar
1tbs shortening
2tsp milk

(1) Make the Lotus paste into balls a day ago before start making the skin

(2) Mix the kao fen, icing sugar, shortening, milk around an hour before making. Put in fridge for around 20 min. Take out and this is what you get.

(3) Scoop 1tbs of the skin

(4) Roll the skin flat and put the lotus in the middle of the skin

(5) Wrap it up and make it into a ball

(6) Put the ball into the mould and press hard. Hit the mould to somewhere hard a few times to get the mooncake out.

(7) Final product. Put in fridge and enjoy an hour later


AK71 said...

Wah! So clever!

Much cheaper than buying ready made ones?

OT83 said...

Hi Ak,

Much much cheaper. Add together at most $30. So far I made around 40 pieces and still got ingredients left. Think can make around 20-30 more.

But I think Ak Nasi Lemak is most power.

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