Sunday, 4 September 2011

Portfolio - August 2011

2 Sept 2011

Portfolio 1 (self)

Status: Given volality of market, might add more if price of watchlist hit. 
Movement: No selling/buying of stocks, divy for sabana, LMIR, CMA.

Stock 84.55%
  • Sabana
  • LippoMaple(might sell to take profit off table if hit target)
  • Healthway (selling half mode to recycle capital)
  • Capitalmall Asia
Investable Cash (exclude emergency fund + daily fund) 16.45%
Equity XIRR(13th May 2011 to date): -32.25%

Portfolio 2 (Joint)

Status: Waiting for good opportunity
Movement: Sold cache and bought kingsmen. divy from cache and kingsmen   

Stock 9.98%
  • Kingsmen
Investable Cash(exclude emergency fund) 90.02%
Equity XIRR(13th May 2011 to date): 43.82%


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