Friday, 8 July 2011

Sold FR at 0.805 at 8.59am after queuing overnight for many weeks

Sold because of two main reasons.

(1) Recently violate money management rules which I recently set for myself. So i need put money in pocket and restructure entire portfolio

(2) FR NAV should be 0.78. Don't wish to hold reit above NAV although there are still reits holding well above NAV.

Next targets to sell:
1/2 HW

Normally I sell too early, so far after I sold, the shares usually went up. haha, maybe this round same again? But it is okay because I want money in pocket.


Singapore Man Of Leisure said...
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Singapore Man Of Leisure said...

Hello OT,

I too took some profits off the table in June to get from 25% to 35% cash. This is to allow me to sleep better at night.

I see you are also restructuring your portfolio. Having some dry gun-powder around is always useful ;)

All the best!

OT83 said...


I am lucky. On the same day which I sold, FR went to acquire south korea hospital, yield acquistive funded by bank loan.

Guess, it came true again.

But then Happy that I got more gun-power on hand now.

Dividends Warrior said...

Hi OT,

First REIT has served me well, so I m keeping it for now.

OT83 said...

Hi dividend warrior,

good for you. guess i sold too early

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