Saturday, 2 July 2011

July 2011 Portfolio update

July 2011

Portfolio 1 (self)

Status: Unhealthy, need to reduce stock percentage

Stock 97.4%
  • Sabana
  • Healthway (selling half mode)
  • First reit
  • LippoMaple
  • Capitalmall Asia (hold and pray mode)
Investable Cash 2.6% (but should have new cash coming in soon)

*Investible Cash exclude emergency fund + daily fund

Portfolio 2 (Joint)

Status: Waiting for good opportunity

Stock 19.8%
  • Cache (selling mode)
Investable Cash(exclude emergency fund) 80.2%


Dividends Warrior said...

Hi OT,

I see that ur portfolio is heavy on REITs.

Will u consider adding some blue chips in the future?

OT83 said...

Hi dividend warrior,

i will add but not at current price. i aiming to restructure portfolio that's why sold first reit.

thanks for visiting my blog

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