Friday, 15 November 2013

Just for laugh - method of investing?

It been months since my last post. Just being curious. What method did you use for choosing your stocks?

Value investing? (VA)
Feeling Analysis? (FA)
Technical Analysis? (TA)
Fundamental Analysis? (FA)
Beoing Analysis? (BA)
Price-volume Analysis? (PVA)
Chart Analysis? (CA)
2-cents lower Analysis? (2CLA)
Follow-blogger Analysis? (FBA)
Gut Analysis? (GA)
Tikam Analysis? (TA)
Follow Analysts Analysis? (FAA)
Hot Tip Analysis? (HTA)

What other kind of analysis can you think of?


Money Honey said...

Hey, these happened to me before. Brought back memories of bad times of my yesteryears. A good listing of the various investment methods out there.

Aaron Grey said...

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