Thursday, 19 April 2012

News - Breadtalk

SGX source
From 9.61 % To 7.00 %
Sell through an open market transaction by Keywise Greater China Opportunities Master Fund.

Keywise Capital Management (HK) Ltd is the fund manager of Keywise Greater China Opportunities Master Fund, which holds shares in BreadTalk Group Limited.

Fang Zheng is the sole shareholder of Keywise Capital Management (HK) Ltd.


The above fund have been selling breadtalk share since year till now. Why do they keep selling? Do they know something which we retail investor don't know?

I am not guess and don't need to guess because current price is not the price which I will enter.


Singapore Man Of Leisure said...


Compare Breadtalk with your previous post; has anything changed?

There! The biggest weak spot for "fundamental" investors is how high/low up we are in the information food chain...

Or it just could be Keywise taking some profits off the table, and/or preparing dome dry powder to take advantage when the market corrects. Trading around a position like CW8888.

Skilled technicians just need to see distribution or accumulation from their charts ;)

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