Thursday, 2 February 2012


Sold AIMS today.

Decide to sold AIMS as it hit resistance of 1.025 and forgo the dividend since today is the last day before xD.

ROC: 6.95%

Will re-enter again when time is right.

(As a personal reference pt, this is the first day where my personal account turns positive with healthway still have xxxx loss!)


Singapore Man Of Leisure said...


Doing the round 1,2,3 thing are you?

If can do 2 rounds per year at 7% per swing trade, you will get 14% profit! Better than the buy and hold loyal AIMS dividend players!?

I see the magic of AK and CW8888 are rubbing off on you!


P.S. This trick only if you limit your losses. But I think you will not it happen again like that "H" stock ;)

OT83 said...

Haha. how to be so lucky and get 7% two time per year consistently for years? I still prefer to keep majority of share as longer holding, but will do short trade if got chance.

anyway main reason for this selling is because I want take money of market. Don feel good for market to keep chionging while the economy show otherwise. haha.

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