Tuesday, 10 January 2012


In general: Blue first to crash in bear but first to chiong in bull!

But not all blues follow the above rule, becareful the blues which you choose!


Singapore Man Of Leisure said...

Eh? I thought its penny stocks - not blues.

Or have I misunderstood your definition of "blues"?

I've already embarrassed myself at LP's blog. So now must follow O'level top scholars - don't be shy to ask questions!

OT83 said...


U ask me like that I also shy!

Penny no matter bear or bull, up or down hard to predict.

Blue - blue chips ba. but not all blue chips.

Calvin said...


Not all blue chip stocks behave in this manner. There are mainly 2 types of stocks - cyclical and defensives.

The ones that move down quickly in a bear market and are the first to move up strongly in a bull run are generally cyclicals e.g. Keppel Corp, SembMarine.

The ones that stay quite stable or may even move against the trend are known as defensives e.g. SMRT, Starhub, Parkway Life etc.

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OT83 said...

Hi Calvin,

Yes. The blues behave different, that's why I put in general. Stocks like ST engine, singtel (their cash flow more stable and defensive) are generally more defensive whereas keppel, noble, semb corp went up and down with market sentiment. However, sometimes defensive is not really defensive. When the market is super bad, how defensive also no use. Perhaps I should be clearer in my post.

Just to add: Parkway life maybe as "blue reit" but not as blue chips. Blue chips strictly should be index stocks.

Link exchange is good. Added your link to my blog :)

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