Thursday, 29 December 2011

2011 - Year end Review

Similar to most people, let me share my year 2011 review.

My first post is on 1 Apr 2011. April fool day! My blog is now 8 months old!

Thank you!
It was, is and will be a very fulfilling and exciting journey to record and share my journey in investing. In this year I had learnt many things (average in, XIRR, emotion, power of internal strength etc) and had summarise the some of the key things which I have learnt in a blog post earlier. (See

Beside what I have learnt, I have also made friends with many interesting people such as 50k saving per year, 100k passive income, BBB WJ, Keppel's Uncle with hot daughter in SMU, atas DBSS, audit director, leverage king, sexy mum, small fry, busty froggy, hot doctor, cookie monster, serious MW, drizzt, sexy SMOL, piggybank, pepe le pew, legendary steven ge, prof nick, FT pero, interesting BW etc (please forgive me if I miss naming anyone) on bullythebear's cbox. Although I may not have met them in real life, I have learnt a lot from them and realized that there are actually many like minded people around. Thank you!

Year 2011 portfolio performance
My readers may already know this. I have two portfolio. One account is joint account with my spouse, the other is my personal account and I put in money to these accounts monthly on the day which I received my pay. Thus I am 发薪日光光族! (see

XIRR for joint account: +13.75%
XIRR for my account: -31.92%

Year 2012 wish list
  1. Be happy for both my family and I
  2. Stay healthy
  3. Enhance my investment knowledge and share with others
  4. Maintain and improve the XIRR for both of my account to +XX% for 2012
  5. Find the right job and career path so that I can earn and save more money!
  6. Stop spouse to use less SKII, splurge less on taxi/restaurants everyday and save more $$$ each month (opps..hope I can stay alive after this point..)
The first two points are most important for me - basic of life.
Point 3 to point 6 are the processes to help me enhance and maintain point 1 and point 2.

Happy new year!

Let me end this post with a picture of my taiwan trip!


Singapore Man Of Leisure said...

A Happy Dragon New Year to you OT! (Opps! I may have jumped the gun a bit...)

(Half in jest)

Eh... You may want to reconsider point 6 on the SKII. Wife sexy sexy young young looking is a great motivator. You will work your butts off to make sure other men won't steal her away!

Especially if you are planning for a dragon son or phoenix daughter next year. Must throw in some "sweetener" for her to sacrifice her figure mah!


OT83 said...


Welcome back to sg :)

I guess what you say is logical. Point 6 might need to change. hahaha

Not planning for dragon baby yet.

Createwealth8888 said...

Must plan for a horse to cheong ah!

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