Thursday, 11 August 2011

100% cash no more!

Yesterday I sold cache to reach 100%. However due to my itchy hand, I went to buy kingsmen today.

No more 100% :(

My current plan is:

If rally for no reason, try to sell to rebalance my portfolio
If fall further, I slowly buy using joint account.

I hope I can stay discipline when the times come. It is really hard to stay clear minded and discipline.


la papillion said...

Hi OT,

Are you regretting your purchase of kingsmen?

Singapore Man Of Leisure said...

That was fast.

At least you celebrated for one day the joy of surrounded by 100% cash :)

Hope you don't switch girlfriends that fast. Morpiko time!

OT83 said...

Hi LP,

Nope. Never regret. I guess my expression in my blog is till not clear enough. Uncle cw also thought I regret. Maybe the regret is I never bought enough because no one sell to me.


Yes! But its only one day only. That's sad. Wish it had been longer, but then I must listen to market call, I slowly buy slowly sell. But then switching gf that often is good :)

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