Wednesday, 8 June 2011

June Portfolio Update

June 2011

Portfolio 1 (self)
Status: Unhealthy, need to reduce stock percentage

Stock 98%
  • Sabana
  • Healthway (selling mode)
  • First Reit
  • LippoMaple
  • Capitalmall Asia (selling mode)
Investable Cash 2% (but should have new cash coming in soon)

*Investible Cash exclude emergency fund + daily fund

Portfolio 2 (Joint)
Status: Waiting for good opportunity

Stock - Cache 20%
Investable Cash(exclude emergency fund) 80%


Singapore Man Of Leisure said...

Hello OT,

I am not sure what's the difference between portfolio 1 and 2 (him and her portfolio?); but I see 2 very postives:

1) Portfolio 1 - new cash is coming in. This saved me when I first blew up my margin account. It allowed me to press the "restart" button.

2) Portfolio 2 - lots of dry gun-powder! If the market corrects by 20%, you can still sleep at night!

In the words of Isaac: Jia You!

Createwealth8888 said...

Are you thinking going into some farming or hunting instead of being all time favorite young rolling stone cowboy?

OT83 said...


I really need jiayou. Thanks. I am quite worry on portfolio 1.

Hi CW,

What do you mean? I don't quite get it? Mind elaborate more?

Thank you.

Createwealth8888 said...

Read? Active and Passive Investing

OT83 said...

thanks uncle. Got it.

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